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How did you first came to know about Bitcoin?

I seem to have known about Bitcoin in 2013 as it was slowly starting to gain popularity. I always saw its mention on my random browsing sessions. I didn't took it much seriously then because 1. It was still new and therefore more risky investment that time. 2. I was just finishing high school that year and didn't had any money to invest.
I also remember fairly well 2014 ColleHumor video If Google were a Guy where a supposted business man asks Google to find out info about bitcoin and then how to buy it (proceeded further by how to unbuy it :P). Only if I had started investing that time..
However, it was January this year when I became serious about this when my friend came to me regarding this and I finally had someone to talk about Bitcoins. He told me to wait and closely inspect its growth as it was still my first time invesment, I had to take cautions and finally pulled the lever by investing a small sum in June this year and again, more than last but still a small overall, last week before the crazy growth took place.
Do I regret not investing the money in earlier years? Yes, I do! Do I blame myself for not taking it seriously that time? I don't because I couldn't afford to lose my parents money on something which was fairly new to me, neither my parents would have agreed for me to invest this early.
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How to Buy Bitcoins? (4 different methods reviewed) - YouTube

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