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[Table] IAmA dark web expert, investigative journalist and true crime author. I’ve met dark web kingpins in far flung prisons and delved the murky depths of child predator forums. I’ve written six books and over a dozen Casefile podcast episodes. AMA (part 2/2)

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Around here nobody talks about the argument that increased regulation of the internet would help stop child predators. Is that true, and if so where do you fall on the Net Neutrality vs law enforcement spectrum? No I don't think that's true at all. Child predators have been around much longer than the internet, and I would argue child abuse was more prevalent 50+ years ago when children were seen and not heard and it wasn't talked about. The dark web hasn't created more predators, it has just given them a new place to gather and hang out.
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused.
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That's so interesting, thanks for the AMA! Can you remember any other thing that a child could do in order to protect himself from being abused? What other characteristics do the abusers hate in potential victims? That seems to be the main one. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
What do folks talk about in the child predator forums? Do they like give each other advice on how to improve their craft? Yes, quite literally. The give each other tips on how not to get caught, how to edit out incriminating details in videos, how to drug children, techniques for convincing kids not to tell etc
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Given your insight into how predators operate, do you have any advice for parents on protecting their kids? I'll cut'n'paste a response i gave to someone else about this, because it was something that really stuck out to me:
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
Has the exponential increase in Bitcoin value affected darknet dealers in any profound way? I can imagine that some drug dealers were sitting on quite a large sum of Bitcoin when the value shot up. Crypto purists hate to admit it, but bitcoin would not be where it is today without Silk Road. It was sitting at less than a dollar when Silk Road began and the markets showed a robust use case for cryptocurrency and as the markets grew, so did the demand for bitcoin. It also provided real-life use data for those who were not interested in drugs but who weren't sure if it had practical application. When SR went down, Bitcoin was at about $650 and it continued to grow as adoption became more mainstream. There are many many stories of drug dealers (and at least one faux-hitman!) who gained most of their wealth not by selling the drugs, but by the growth in value of their bitcoin holdings
Since you have a lot of experience with them online. Do you think pedophiles(not child abusers) should be treated as criminals, or as people suffering from a mental illness? Contact offenders should be treated as criminals, because they are criminals. They have abused or hurt someone. Same with those who support the creation and dissemination of child abuse materials.
Pedophiles who do not act on their urges should be given as much help as humanly possible.
Are there any mysterious or suspicious pages or communities that you haven’t been able to access? Anything that seems especially weird? there are a lot of Russian communities that I can't access, mostly because I don't speak Russian. Some of the more technical hacking communities have entry barriers that I'm not technical enough to score an invite to
How much these bad people really exist out there? Hundreds? Thousands? More? It depends what you mean by bad. If you mean people who use the dark web to buy drugs (who I do not consider bad) then there are many many thousands. There are also thousands of people who deal in stolen information to make money.
Unfortunately there are also thousands of child predators and the dark web has provided a "safe space" for them to come together to share materials and "tips". I hope this is where most of the resources of law enforcement are concentrated
Ehy mine is a rare question: what do you know about art on dark web? I'm talking about the black market made of stolen important pieces from museums, art used as value to money laundry and other criminal affairs I'm an artist and what I know is people don't think too much about the dark side of art and probably they need to open their eyes about I really haven't come across much in the way of that. Some of the markets have an "art" section, but that is mostly blotter art
How accurate are the legends? Any legends in particular? For a lowdown copied from a post I made in another forum:
1Red Rooms  The one that is most persistent is the myth of the "Red Room" - live streaming of torture/rape that ends in the murder of the victim and which people can pay to watch, or even bid to type in commands for the torturer to carry out (highest bid wins!). The most famous was the “ISIS Red Room” pictured above, where people could provide instructions to torture captured terrorists - you can read what happened here.
People have this idea of Hostel with webcams exist all over the dark web, but you just need an invite to get into them. It's ridiculous. They don't exist. They certainly wouldn't exist on Tor. But people are desperate to believe and they always come back with "You can't prove they don't exist, people are crazy, therefore they must exist." Picture my eyes rolling here.
2.Hitman sites
I don't think many people are taken in by the hitmen sites anymore, though the press loves playing up the fact that there are sites offering up hitman services. But every single one of them has turned out to be a scam, especially Besa Mafia, the one that did the most marketing. Again, you can read about it at the same link as above.
3.Exotic animals  People are always asking where they can find markets for exotic animals. Obviously the illegal trade in exotic animals exists, and some communications and transactions may well take place over Tor, but there are no markets like the drug markets where you can go and look at a picture and then put a tiger or ocelot or something into your basket and buy it with bitcoin.
1.People buy and sell drugs.
The drug markets are more busy than ever. You have probably heard of Silk Road, the most famous online drug market that got busted a few years ago and the owner sent to prison for two consecutive life terms? A lot of people thought that was the end of drugs being sold on the dark web. In fact, dark web sales of drugs have tripled since the shutdown of Silk Road.
The reason people buy drugs this way is that for many they offer a safer alternative for people who are going to do drugs anyway. There is no possibility of any violence. The vast majority of the time a buyer knows exactly what they are getting, because of the feedback and rating system. That's not the case in a nightclub, or even friends-of-friends, where you just blindly accept that the pill, powder or tab is what the seller says it is.
2.People buy and sell other illegal things
Mostly they buy and sell stolen credit cards and financial information, fake IDs (though lots of these are scams), personal information, “dumps” of hacked data and fraud-related items. For a long time, a seller was making a fortune selling fake discount coupons that really worked.
3.People access and create childporn  Unlike the other markets, the CP market is generally not for money, but rather they are groups who swap vile images and videos for free. The worst of the worst is called “hurtcore’. Thankfully, most of the people behind the worst sites have been arrested and put in jail.
4.People talk about stuff
There are plenty of sites, forums and chatrooms where people talk about all sorts of things - conspiracies, aliens, weird stuff. They take advantage of the anonymity.
5.People anonymously release information
Whistleblowers use the dark web to release information and make sure their identities won't be compromised. You will find Wikileaks, for example, on the dark web.
6.People surf the web anonymously
The number 1 thing people use the dark web for is just to surf the web completely anonymously. Not everybody wants to be tracked by advertisers.
I have a question: what are the odds of the casual Darkweb drug buyer - not buying mega loads all the time - the occasional purchase - what are the risks of being busted? Kinda figuring pretty low. But you’re the expert. What do you think? Obviously there is always a risk, but the risk is very low. It is rare for personal amounts to be seized. Even if a package is seized, there's usually no resources to follow it up. Many people report simply receiving a letter from Customs saying they have seized what they believe is contraband and the person has a choice of going to claim it or it will be destroyed. Even if LE does knock on the door there is plausible deniability: "I don't know who sent that stuff to me".
So yeah, rare, but it does happen. You might be the unlucky one
How do you find things on the dark web without search engines? There are a lot of entry sites, set up with links to the most popular places. You can generally get a link to one of them by browsing places like reddit. From there it is a matter of checking out different places, people will put links in forums etc.
I also use a Pastebin where people paste sites they have made/found, and a Fresh Onion site, which crawls all the newly-populated .onion addresses
Hi. there!! Thank you for answering questions. Mine is very simple. How do sellers get the drugs to people? Regular mail? That's always puzzled me bc I'd assume USPS, UPS, fedEx or any other mail carrier would catch at least some goods. If people are ordering drugs, particularly in powder form, for personal use, they can be flattened, sealed in MBB (moisture barrier baggies) and sent in a regular business envelope, indistinguishable from billions of other envelopes going through the postal system every day. The chances of a particular package being intercepted is very low.
Some people take the extra precaution of having the person taking delivery of the drugs different to the person/household that is ordering them.
How did you move from being a corporate lawyer to researching and writing about dark web? I was in London, working for one of the most conservative law firms in the world when the Global Financial Crisis hit. I liked the job but it struck me when people were losing their livelihoods that I was working for the bad guys. I'd always wanted to be a writer so when I came back to Australia I quit law and enrolled in a writing course planning to be a novelist, but I discovered I was better at journalism. I first wrote for newspapers here about Silk Road and it grew from there
I've always wanted to check out the dark web, what is a normal day for you look like on there? Can you give me any tips on how to safely surf the dark web? A normal day looks like me sitting at my desk writing things on my computer. When I'm researching a book or a case I venture away from my computer to trials and to interview people (at least I did pre-COVID)
There is nothing inherently unsafe in surfing the dark web. All the usual precautions you take surfing the clearweb apply. Don't visit any child exploitation sites - it will be pretty obvious that's what they are by the names/descriptions before you log in.
It is only when you want to do more than surfing - e.g. buying drugs etc - that you need to do a LOT of homework or you will absolutely get scammed
Is there anything good about the dark web? It depends what you are into. A lot of academic research has concluded that the darknet markets provide a safer way for people to buy and use drugs, due to the ratings of vendors, services that independently test and report back on batches of drugs, doctor on staff ready to answer questions, no violence in transactions etc.
News sites provide a dark web option so that whistleblowers can safety provide information and upload documents that get stripped of any identifying metadata before being available.
It bypasses firewalls and allows for secure communications under hostile regimes
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How does this make you feel about the idea of the decriminalization of drugs? I've always been for full legalization of drugs, and studying the darknet markets just proved I was right.
I was invited to an experts roundtable in Portugal about drugs and cybercrime a few years ago and the Portugal model of decriminalisation has been a great success
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Hey, you are still answering. Been reading this thread for 1-2 hours now. Thank you so much for all the good work and info! Always been intrigued by this topic, downloaded tor once to explore a bit but couldn’t and deleted it right away, to be on the safer side. Great insights. Thanks! I've been writing it for about 14 hours. Going a bit loopy
How was working on Casefile? What's the production process like? Which episodes did u do?? I have listened to... all of them.... I absolutely LOVE working for Casefile. I am a freelancer, so I source and write my own cases and then sell the scripts to Casefile. I've done at least a dozen, but some of my most popular are Amy Allwine, Mark & John, Ella Tundra, Leigh Leigh, Rebecca Schaeffer...
As for the production process, once I have sold the script to them, a staff member edits them and then they are passed on to Casey to narrate. After that, they go to Mike for sound editing, music etc. They are the best team ever
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Oh, Leigh Leigh was so well written!! How do you choose which stories to write? Do you just pick true crime you're interested in? Thank you! I have a huge list of potential episodes. Any time I come across an interesting crime on reddit, or in the news or wherever I make a note of it. Then I just pick one when it comes time to write a new script.
Sometimes I've been personally involved (e.g. Amy Allwine), gone to trials etc. Those are always the best ones
Hi Eiley, your twitter just reminded me of this AMA :) What are your thoughts on bitcoin? And would you prefer to be paid in crypto or fiat? OOOOH, I know that name! Love & Light to you!
I like Bitcoin and I wish I had a whole lot of it and like many many people, I wish I had kept the first crypto I bought at something like $4 a coin :D I do not have a whole lot of it but I do have a little bit. I like the philosophy behind it and in theory it should change the world. However the reality is that the vast majority of it is concentrated in a very few hands which allows for market manipulation and stops it being useful as a post-fiat currency.
As long as I'm getting paid, I'm pretty happy!
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I too remember your name Pluto! Such a decent human ❤ he is!! True OG right there <3
Is the dark web subject to more racism than its counterpart, the world wide web? There are some white power sites and that sort of thing and the chans are even more uncensored than the clearweb ones (4chan, 8chan) but to be honest they are the same cesspools in different spots. Drug forums don't seem to be very racist. I've seen worse on Twitter
Have you seen any consequential political or social organizing being carried out on the dark web? Not directly, but the dark web helped facilitate the Arab Spring uprising in 2010 by allowing activists to remain anonymous and to access blocked websites and social media. Wikileaks, obviously. Some white supremacy organizations seem to use it to coordinate attacks, but they are not places I'm keen to hang out in.
What’s the most expensive thing for sale you’ve seen on the dark web? What was surprisingly inexpensive? I can't remember specific listings, but there were sometimes sales of things like coke by the kilo, so that sort of thing I guess.
LSD could easily be found for $1/tab and one huge dealer gave it away for free if it was for personal use
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1. I’m going to ask a couple in hopes that one will catch your interest! I know you’re anonymous on the dark web, but even so, have you ever felt worried about your safety? I actually made the decision to be upfront and honest about who I am on the dark web, so I use the name OzFreelancer (which is easily traceable to my real name) on all the dark web sites where i went looking for interviews. The people there had the option of talking to me or not, so they had no reason to want to harm me.
2. I’ve found your comments about your relationship with Yura fascinating. Did y’all develop a friendship? Did you build any other relationships that stand out in your mind? Since you were straightforward about being on the dark web for stories, did people seem reluctant to communicate, or were they excited for the opportunity to divulge a secret? We do have a friendship of sorts, it is really quite weird. I do hope to met him one day. I met all of the senior staff of Silk Road other than the Dread Pirate Roberts himself and keep in touch with some. Some people wanted nothing to do with me of course, but many more were happy to talk to me. i think sometimes it was a relief to them to be able to talk to one person who they knew was who they said they were.
3. On violent forums, did users ever express remorse, guilt, shame, or anything indicative of some recognition that what they were viewing/seeking was awful? Do you see doxxing teams on the dark web working together to uncover info, or is the info already there through previous hacks/breaches, and someone just accesses and releases it? Sorry if any of those don’t make sense! I’m not familiar with the dark web lingo but am so intrigued by your work. Not really. I think if they were contributing to the forums, they were comfortable with who they were and what they were doing. Many of the "regular" pedophiles expressed revulsion about Lux and hurtcore sites though
these have probably been asked before but has there ever been a time where you where genuinely been scared for your life and whats the most messed up thing you've witnessed did you have any help? Yeah both things have been answered in this thread, so I'll cut'n'paste
The only time I've felt even slightly in danger despite all this nosing around in there was when I helped uncover a hitman scam. The owner of Besa Mafia, the most profitable murder-for-hire site in history, came after me when I started writing about him. He made loads of threats ("you don't know who I am, but I know who you are and where you live") but that wasnt scary, as I had access to the backdoor of his site thanks to a friendly hacker and knew he didn't really want to hurt anybody.
It took a bit of a darker turn when he told the people who had signed up to work as hitmen on his site - and who he made video themselves burning cars with signs on them to advertise how legit his site was, then never sent them the promised money for doing so - that I was the owner of the site who had ripped them off. That could have become ugly, but luckily even the thugs weren't dumb enough to believe him.
The only other time I've been a bit nervous was when Homeland Security wanted to have a "friendly" meeting with me on one of my trips to the US to attend a trial. They were friendly, but scary too.
The most frightening experience I've ever had is coming face to face with Lux, the owner of Pedoempire and Hurt2theCore, the most evil and reviled person on the entire dark web. He was responsible for procuring and hosting Daisy's Destruction, the most repulsive video ever made, created by Peter Scully, whose crimes were so bad, the Philippines are considering reinstating the death penalty especially for him.
It wasn't frightening because Lux was frightening - he was anything but. It was frightening because he looked so inoffensive and normal.
It was frightening because he was living proof that monsters walk among us and we never know.
[deleted] It is absolute crap for browsing the clearweb, and a lot of sites detect that it is odd traffic and you have to solve their CAPTCHAs before doing the most basic things
I’m sure you’ve seen some really bad stuff, do you regularly talk to a therapist to help? I've never seen a therapist (they don't really seem to be a thing in Australia they way they are in the US), but I have been known to unload on my partner and my dog
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Yo, speaking as an Aussie, they absolutely are a thing, you can get them covered thru medicare, and I recommend it if you possibly can! Bro, therapy is awesome. I'm not against therapy as a thing, but I've honestly never been so traumatised that I feel I need it. Also I had a bad experience with a psychologist after I watched my partner die in an accident - they suggested I find God, and I noped out of there
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Therapist is an American term- we call them psychs. And the one who told you to find God was terrible and out of line. Yeah she didn't last long before I was over it. Also a doctor decided I needed Xanax, which was also a bad move, because what I really needed was to grieve and Xanax doesn't let you do that properly
Do you find any good things on the dark web? Happy stuff that gives people hope? Or just the trash? I like the psychonaut communities. They just want peace, love and mungbeans for everybody
Have you heard of "The Primarch System" rumor of the dark web? Sounds downright silly to me. But I'm curious if anyone who spends time on the deep web actually takes it seriously, or if as an idea it is connected to anything serious at all. Nah, up there with the Shadow Web and Mariana's Web. There's always people who want to find out where the "deeper" "more secret" "really dark" stuff is. To them I say what, hurtcore isn't dark enough for you?
Doesn't delving the murky depths of child predator forums categorize you with the child predators in the eyes of an investigating law enforcement agency? Do you have some sort of amnesty due to your journalism, or is that something you worry about having to explain away? Has your presence there ever caused some sort of a scare? No, I never went into any of the sites that had actual photos or videos (you can't un-see that shit), but did spend a lot of time in pedophile discussion forums. I also went to a hurtcore hearing and saw screenshots in the police files, as well as listening for two days to videos being described frame-by-frame and private communications between the site owner and the sadists.
Besides drugs and sex crimes, what else is going on in the dark web? Are there other interesting nooks and crannies? I often post screenshots of bizarre sites I find on my Twitter. However, the main uses for the dark web are drugs, digital/fraud goods and child exploitation
I have one, it might be rather boring though, but here goes. On these "child predator forums" are they actually forums devoted to stalking children and do they share social media profiles of children among themselves? That would be kik ids, snapchat and facebook ids, instagram, stuff like that, info that would allow online access and that may have been chosen for suitability? Creepy question I know, but anyway I would be interested to hear your answer. I came here from TrueCrime, you referred to these things in your post on that sub. I suspect I already know the answer yet would like to hear your take on it. Yes, they provide information and tips on how to approach children, how to ensure they won't tell, how to sedate them in some instances, where to find child exploitation material, how to remove metadata and any identifying characteristics in photos and videos before sharing and so on.
They don't tend to share socia media, as that is the sort of thing that can be traced easily. They do talk about how to approach kids on social media and on the worst forums how to blackmail children into stripping/meeting etc
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So you're saying they have a more general approach rather than identifying individual children on the internet? Again a creepy question because what I suggest is that a child's social media could be used and circulated on the dark web as potential information to gain access by anonymity, even if it was just online access only. I actually wonder as I have recently read of the anonymity of apps like ''kik messenger'' and how the police are often unable to get any information from the communications as they remain encrypted and off the server and require little if any valid ID to make an account. No doubt photos from social media are uploaded as part of the materials they have. I haven't seen anything where they get together and try to track down a specific child, but I'm sure some predators do this. Most are more likely to abuse children in their orbit - family, kids of friends, or they work where they have access to children
I heard there are forums to download books but it was really dangerous, Is it true? I'm just a poor guy who wants to finish the young Jack sparrow series Whenever you download anything from a pirate site you run the risk of infection
What do you think of QAnon? Wackjob conspiracy
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Who should the conspiracy theorists actually be worried about if they actually care about thwarting pedophilia? The vast, vast majority of child abuse takes place within the child's personal orbit - relatives, family friends, parents of their own friends, people involved in their activities (coaches, leaders, etc)
So, those people
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Also how to we get people to stop believing in QAnon? Outside my area of expertise, sorry
do you personally believe there was/is any truth to the "defense" (story) that DPR was a title handed down to different admins for the original silk road, or was it just a convenient defense? do you have any theories as to who satoshi nakamoto is? besides the original SR, are there any other darkweb markets that you think have a good enough story to turn into a book? eg sheep market? i've seen you talk a little about the child predator forums, and (as with h2tc) noted are mainly populated by males. i'm curious if you've ever encountered females on such forums/websites (eg. btfk) No. There was a time that I believed the person posting on the forums as DPR changed, but the ownership and administration of the market I believe never changed hands. Variety Jones is claiming a part ownership (which may or may not be true) but I believe that is so he can run a Fourth Amendment argument
So many theories have some credibility to them, but no one theory ticks all the boxes. Highly recommend the 3-part youtube deep dive by Barely Sociable
I'm not sure any one market has the story that Silk Road had, but I would like to write a definitive history that encompasses the most compelling features of all the markets. Backopy of BMR apparently got away clean. The admins of Atlantis got wind of a security issue and closed shop, trying to warn DPR. AlphaBay ended in Alexander Cazes death in a Bangkok prison cell. Then everyone flocked to Hansa, which by that time was being run by law enforcement. Evolution ended in the most brazen exit scam, followed by a bizarre cloak'n'dagger situation played out right here on reddit. The WSM/DDW follow-the-money case. And these are just some that come right off the top of my head. I just need a publisher to provide me an advance I can live off while I write it!
There were a very few people on the forums who identified as female (obvs anyone can be anyone on a dark web forum) and there have been one or two arrests of women in relation to dark web child pornography. Peter Scully's female assistant who carried out some of the torture was originally one of his victims, turned into a sadist.
What’s the one lingering unanswered question you have about SR? I am hanging out for Joel Ellingson to go to trial so that I can find out once and for all whether redandwhite, lucydrop and Tony76 are one and the same person.
There are several people who I got to "know" by their handles who I wonder about from time to time, but mostly I hope they are safe and well and i don't want to track them down or expose them
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Eileen, I am fangirling PRE-TTY hard right now. Talking SR and Tony76 with you is how I imagine it feels to talk to a royal correspondent about Prince Andrew 😅 Ellingson being all three would be a very neat end to an otherwise insane story. Part of me wants to pin Oracle in with that trio too but that’s mostly a desperate attempt from me to add another layer to the madness. I miss the twists and turns that came with the rise and fall of SR. From your own experience - would you agree with the idea that more than one person staffed the DPR account? Thanks for the reply! Ha! You have no idea what it is like when I find someone who really knows about this stuff and can have informed conversations about it. I latch onto them and don't let go. The very BEST was meeting up with DPR's three deputies (SSBD in Australia, Inigo in US and Libertas in Ireland) so I could actually have conversations with people who knew more than I did! Variety Jones was cool too, but the conversation couldn't flow too freely thanks to him being incarcerated in Bangkok prison at the time.
I think others sometimes posted from the forum account, but Ulbricht kept a vice-like grip on his market account
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I can imagine it’s so satisfying and exciting to get those tidbits of info that piece the jigsaw together. The bedlam that played out over the forum in the aftermath was a cloud of paranoia and adrenaline that kept me refreshing pages for days. Would love to hear accounts from SSBD, Inigo and Libertas from this time. One last question: what were your thoughts when the Chloe Ayling story first broke? I assumed it was a publicity stunt. I don't think that any more. I guess I can't blame her for milking her kidnapping for publicity in the aftermath, though I don't think she does herself any favors the way she goes about it sometimes
Sorry if this has been covered before but in your research, mainly related to child abuse, where are these children coming from? Children in their care/ family? Kidnapped? The vast majority of child abuse is carried out by someone within their social circle - family and acquaintances. However, the hurtcore stuff was often carried out in third world countries on orphans or where desperate families gave up their children to "benefactors" who they believed were going to provide food an education
What Casefile episodes have you written? I became obsessed with it and ripped through all the episodes and now nothing will fill that void. Thanks for your efforts! Casefile – the murder of Amy Allwine
Casefile – Blue Skies, Black Death
Casefile – Ella Tundra
Casefile – Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs
Casefile – Motown Murders
Casefile – Rebecca Schaeffer
Casefile – Sian Kingi
Casefile – John & Mark
Casefile – Shauna Howe
Casefile – Chloe Ayling
Casefile – Johnny Altinger
Casefile – Killer Petey
Casefile – The Santa Claus Bank Robbery
Casefile – Martha Puebla
Casefile – Leigh Leigh
Is there any way parents can keep their kids safe from this without being helicopter parents? I'll cut'n'paste a response i gave to someone else about this, because it was something that really stuck out to me:
The one thing I found really interesting when I was lurking the forums of the child predators was their frustration about how children are now taught from a very young age that certain touching and acts are wrong and that they shouldn't keep certain secrets. It came up over and over again that they could not abuse certain children because they knew those children had someone they would tell. It was pretty clear that education was a child's best defence against getting abused. Kids who speak up and who have close relationships with one or more people they are likely to confide in
What does it take in terms of degrees and experience to get into this business? Nothing official. I was a lawyer, but that had no bearing on what I do now (I did corporate law). I didn't have any official credentials when I began as a freelance journalist, though later I got a diploma of professional writing and editing. Anyone can be an author, provided they can write
If you could take a guess from your findings, what would be some speculative statistics on these abuse/torture sites? How many people (tens of thousands?) are involved? Do they generally come from the same places in the world or are they seemingly geographically random (based on victim ethnicity, or language spoken, perhaps)... what are some quantifying stats to wrap our heads around how prevalent this shit is? Most dark web users come from western countries, just because infrastructure supports it. The sites often have tens of thousands of registered users, but a lot of them would be people for whom curiosity got the better of them and who signed up then left. Active users more like in the thousands, hyper-active users the hundreds.
One of the things that makes life difficult for law enforcement is that most of these sites don't operate on a commercial basis - people aren't making money from them, so there is no cryptocurrency chain to follow. They operate on a sharing basis and to get access to the more private parts of the sites, a user has to upload "fresh" material and/or prove they are actively abusing a child. Hurt2theCore used to get users to have the children hold up signs or have the site name or a username written on their bodies with a marker. This stopped law enforcement from getting access to those parts (like the "producers lounge") of the sites unless they were able to take over an account of a user who already had access. Even then, the rules of the hurtcore sites would require constant new proof in order to maintain access.
Some sites allowed people to buy access, such as one called "Welcome to Video" and then were taken down by law enforcement carrying out blockchain analysis of the Bitcoin transaction that led to the owner when they cashed out to fiat without moneylaundering precautions
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Do you think LE uses deep fakes to simulate a picture to gain access? Is that possible? It is definitely possible, but I don't know whether they are doing it as they are understandably secretive about their methods. I know it is deeply problematic, as even fake child porn is still illegal (even cartoon stuff, including some Hentai in some countries). But they have used questionable methods before, most notably running the dark web's largest site, Playpen, for over a year in order to identify contact offenders
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Am I hearing you that many people are NOT doing this for financial gain? Just to do it and share it?? Child exploitation, yes, it is mostly a sharing community. Some people make some money out of it, but it is not like drugs where a lot of people are making a LOT of money
On the subject of abused kids... did you ever help the kids in any way? I never met any of the kids. I never saw any of the photos and videos. I don't know who any of the kids are.
Daisy has been taken into care and her identity changed. I hope she is doing okay
What exactly does the dark web look like? You hear about it often, but don’t know if it looks like Google Chrome, Safari, or just a page full of code. It looks like a normal browser and operates just like a normal browser. It's just that it can access sites that your normal browser can't.
e.g. http://thehub5himseelprs44xzgfrb4obgujkqwy5tzbsh5yttebqhaau23yd.onion/index.php is the URL of a dark web forum. If you plug it into your normal browser you will get an error. If you plug it into the Tor browser you will get the registration page for The Hub
How do you keep yourself from hating all humanity? I am happy to report that, even on the dark web, the good people outnumber the bad
Hi! First off I'd like to say that I find what you do quite fascinating and would love to do something like that in the future. My question is in regards to art and other forms of artistic expression on the dark web. Is it true that the dark web is a place where you can also find awesome things such as art and literature? Not really, because all that stuff is readily available on the clearweb. There are sites like the Imperial Library of Trantor, which is a pirate site for books, where you can read thousands of books for free, but that's really no different to The Pirate Bay. Some people share their LSD art, but again, nothing you won't find on the clearweb
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My viewpoint on this crisis as an asian guy.

My background: Australian born Chinese male(100%). I've read pretty much of all of eurasian tigers posts and blog and I pretty much agree with what he says. Here's what I think in a whole bunch of fragmented thoughts: Seeing how ‘white’ Caucasian males have dominated the world economically in the last 400 years, asian women have decided to marry into whiteness for an easy life even if it meant discarding culture.
Why don’t the other minority ethnic women such as black, and middle eastern women marry into whiteness? I’m not too sure on that but I’d guess they were taught about their own culture, history religion etc from a young age. East Asian parents do not instill pride whatsoever into their children and are hellbent on forcing their children to achieve financial success regardless of the cost and its toll on their mental wellbeing. This is why East Asians have one of the highest rates of suicide in the world. See here: (namely south Korea and Japan, for an OECD it is exceptionally high)
Now what do Asian girls(born/raised in western countries) grow up experiencing? From the constant abuse from shitty tiger parents and solace they get from horny white guys, it is not hard to see why Asian females specifically welcome white male attention. Asian females are torn between sadness at home and social pleasure at school from white guys, so they face a dichotomous lifestyle and identity – to marry ‘up’ in a socio-economic and ‘racial sense’ or to work hard for themselves while enduring. It seems like they have chosen the easier way out of escaping their mediocre lives but of course not without consequences hence /mixedrace.
A morally sound woman should at least feel a sense of racial solidarity and sense to protect own culture, because it is naturally biological phenomenon to feel protective of own tribe/people but large masses of Asian women don’t care because they are sick and tired of working hard and have decided ‘enough is enough’ - No asians. Of course seeing how the current state of China is in, will lead to the idea all Asians must be inferior. China is already going to overtake the U.S as the world most powerful economy by the end of this century. In less than 10-15 years South Korea will overtake France as an economy. Just goes to show you hard work, good attitude and morally respectful people can bring prosperity not the fucking white genes. Look at the fucking sleaze that is present in western society. If Japan could achieve what it could today with hard work, so can South Korea and China too.
The ones who marry white do so because they have done it for themselves for greedy racist agendas whether it be for financial reasons or sexual reasons with no regard for their children whatsoever and have never considered the implications of mixed race and thus makes them unfit to raise biracial children. Asian females have never experienced racial abuse to the extent of what Asian men had to go through and but still ignorantly proceeded to marry white guys because they think Asians are inferior. These interracial couples then proceed to stomp on all their childrens’ faces saying everything is fine, when clearly it is not. These women hope that half Asian males face no problem when in fact they do and it is clearly so obvious. Why is that white guy nice to you? Because he wants to get in your pants and that’s about it.
If a woman chooses to marry a man for financial reasons for gold digging purposes it is understandable albeit shallow. However if it is based on sexual ability that will start to ring some bells because she has made it clear the racial component is important too. If that is the case then that will bring about racism because the children are never full white, and this is why we all say ‘abort hapa sons’. There will be a time when Eurasian boys discover all this cruel shit and the opportunities denied to him because of his race. All women do not distinguish between full Asian and half when it comes to relationships. Asian women who prefer to date white guys also do not want to date half Asian men, for racial reasons, and that is enough reason to cause insane berserk rage because it is racially insulting and hits the the very core of their self worth. Thus the ‘sexy sons hypothesis’ does not hold up at all. Asian women go around creating half Asian sons that simply have little sexual market value.
The reason I’m writing all this because there’s a lot of Eurasians in Australia and I’ve always wondered why mixed race children go berserk. The Eurasian guys here who look Asian are accepted by Asians, but there are ones who make only white friends are white supremacists who never talk to their parents again. Most white guys don't even want to make friends with eurasians. I know this because a family friend whose mother was Chinese(Hong Kong) was wondering why her son has gone berserk. Funny thing is, he isn’t even half white, he’s half Chinese and half maori(new Zealand indigenous). The Eurasian guys who hang around Asians don’t have that much of a problem but they experience the humiliation and understand the reality of it. Eurasian females have it easy because females are not racially competitive and are able to nestle up with white guys or Asian guys if they want to. Eurasian males are simply treated like Asian males and learn of the racial hierarchy of white supremacists leaving them with little recourse and a life with full of disadvantages. What does the Asian mother say? Fuck off Asian boys. That is simply just it > Elliot Rodgers. I have never been to U.S, but here in Australia there is vibrant Asian community and it makes up 10% of the population. I have heard Asians are only 5-6% of U.S population and are scattered. The white anglo guys here have yellow fever like crazy due to the massive exposure to Asian women. Asian guys by far and large work much harder than whites so there is no reason to marry white guys because the Asian median income both in Australia and America is already higher than the white median. So its not about money anymore its about sex. When inter-racial couples prioritize their sex lives over everything else, the children become a byproduct of a racially charged thrill and that itself is a crime against humanity because the son is left alone to discover the reasons behind it all.
I must say there are a lot of awful shitty people on this planet having children who are unfit to be good parents and that is to teach their kids good values such as being racially tolerant and good human beings.
Of course I’d like to take a detour and talk about something that is relevant to this discussion. Feminists and in particular white feminists are a whole load of crock when they think they think their cause is morally righteous when they are 100x more racist then the average female. Why doesn’t feminism tackle racism and include it as part of their discussion? They completely dodge it. White feminists support white supremacy because they only believe white men are the only ones capable of being good human beings treating women with respect. I called myself a feminist for a long time and while I support progressive values and equal treatment of genders, I certainly need to call out the racist sexist bullshit because 90% of white women don’t ever consider any asianess dateable.
and see okcupid dating stats. Everybody can have their preferences, but in terms of discrimination against certain groups, most of them are based on what the white anglo media brainwashing. Ridiculous prejudices.
This is another excuse Asian feminists use under this guise. Then I ask whether it is the genes or culture? Complete denial, and dodges the question and proceeds that it will be ‘white’ no matter what. Asian feminists want white guys for trivial racist reasons, and white feminists are angry at Asian women with white guys. Google that stuff and you’ll find tons of discussion on it. At least there are some open minded white women with positive experiences with South korean men:
While there are patriarchal shitty older generation parents in Asian families that doesn’t mean it is even part of the culture, the exact same things could be found in older generation white families. All the negative stereotyping that Asians are evil and the terrible propaganda brainwashing Hollywood is producing is so cringeworthy. I find it unbelievable people buy into that shit.
Why do Asian females have no racial pride? Well they are constantly exposed to the media seeing how much fun(lazy and hedonistic) the caucasians are having, but the self hating girls want a part of it too.. They don’t even mind all the offences and continue to denigrate themselves in Hollywood movie roles. This is why it is so common to see one asian girl among a whole group of caucasian people. They need to be validated by white friends and lifestyle. You will never see this among any other race of women on this planet. These types of asian girls are also trying to get back at their mediocre parents. I found the sub /AsianParentStories/ to also be one of the major reasons why asian girls hate all things asian because of their shitty controlling mediocre parents and I know this because I had terrible parents.
Lesson to be learnt: Getting back at Asian parents or culture by being a rebel and dating outside your race to derive pleasure will not solve problems. You will solve them with rationality and good moral conscience.
If it isn’t obvious yet already, the divorce rate of AF/WM is the highest in the world, far exceeding white-white couples - so much for the,’ I have so much in common with white guys’. Looks like people haven’t been doing their homework and research. The majority of young anglo saxon Caucasian guys seem to be nice only because they want to get easy lays. I do not feel sorry for the Asian women who are tricked or sexually exploited because they consistently throw Asian men under the bus because if we speak out on this issue we are immediately shutdown as jealous losers. The only thing I regularly do is to send them to hapas or and that is about it. Then the women deny it and say it is all fake etc you must be a butthurt loser with small dick etc. To be born from one of the most horrific demographic tragedies in the modern era, is it no wonder /hapas exist because the worst Asian females pair up with the worst Caucasian males. I know that for sure, high quality Asian women would never come close to any Caucasian male.
The international inter-racial dating market has allowed bottom of the pile white guys with shitty Asian females to procreate, after all everyone wants to have children right? What a nice story to tell your children hey?
You should see the types of shit white guys would say about white females to get laid with Asian women. Shitty Asian women also hurl racial insults at Asian men to justify their preference.
People need to marry each other for good reasons that make long term relationships work but most people don’t as evidenced by rising divorce rates. Divorce rate even in China has skyrocketed from 5 % to 40% in many places. Marrying for sexual attractiveness doesn’t do much for long term relationships as we age quite quick. Much of the young dating scene in the western anglo world is about sexual alpha prowess and this is why western countries are falling behind because white guys and black guys are too busy comparing penis sizes and the east Asians are making all the money.
It appears asian american men are guilty of white worshipping too, as evidenced by marriage statistics. Asian Australian men are known for 'having zero' interest in dating outside their culture. The most hated group of males in the UK are white males
Seems like no one wants to be judged for their trivial preferences because they are shitty people who want to get away with it. Think of the women who want to hide their sexual history. My attack isn’t even on women, but people in general. There are lot of shitty guys who have no moral responsibility to provide for their families too and only want to give their children lives full of mediocrity.
Which ethnic group of Asian women prefer Caucasian men more? The non-Japanese ones. Why? Because Japan is an economic powerhouse. Asian women primarily marry for social and economic benefits and even though Japanese women are actually the most popular ones but they do not have any self hate of inferiority and if anything they feel superior. They are overwhelming happy, carefree, positive and fantasize about Caucasian men as a novelty but most but most actually don’t want to marry Caucasian because they have a lot to lose in regards to culture and happiness. See here for popularity of Asian women.
Most white men have also indulged in East asian pop culture, whether it be anime, kpop/kdramas/korean thriller movies or chinese/hong kong martial arts movies. These are the biggest reasons for their 'asian fetish' and I know a lot of white guys believe the future lies in East asia. Everything from technological progress(both South Korea and Japan have highest no. of tech patents per capita), to cleanliness of streets. Chinese women are seen as close alternatives and are substitutes for the more popular and harder to get SK/Japanese women. I wouldn't say south Asian women have high standards when it comes to white men, if anything they are pressured heavily by religion and their upbringing to keep their tradition alive. As for South-East Asian women they need white men moreso than East Asian women because they need them to escape poverty. Even so I've seen plenty of Indian women here dating white guys and indian guys here also put white and east asian women on a pedestal. People are doing it to 'get back' at women /men from their own race/culture. Vietnamese and phillipino men here are also fantasizing on obtaining white women as trophy wives and only do so because vietnamese women have the highest outmarriage rates. Even Australian born Chinese(cantonese) women who have parents from Hong Kong or Guangzhou date white guys because they have incredibly low self esteem. There are lots of cantonese women who couldn't even name a single asian celebrity nor know how to write in chinese or speak mandarin and that is why they have zero identity. I have heard south Korean women in america also marry out like crazy.
Now there is a huge difference between AF/WM back then compared to today’s ones. I will give the older generation ones some leniency for less criticism because understandably the Asian women wanted to escape poverty to secure a better life. Turns out they aren’t smart or educated enough to understand racial politics for their children. As for todays’ young AF/WM relationships who are residing in western countries there is absolutely no excuse to not know of the suffering of all Eurasian and Asian males in western countries.
Caucasian males with Asian females are one of the following. 1. ESL- English teacher > fucking sexpat loser, shitty genes autistic kids. 2. Anime nerd with East Asian fetish > weeaboo loser who went to Japan and gets rejected and now tours south korea then China, obsessed with sexual exploits 3. Single old divorced loser > if all else fails then South east asia. 4. White supremacist stormfronter and visits 4chan, red pill and underground racist forums + bitcoin guy (Worst loser of all)
Number 4. Guarantees Elliot Rodger.
Elliot Rodger was only the beginning because I believe his parents weren't exactly the worst and did not racially insult him.
AF/WM is so incredibly popular and I know these relationships aren’t based on love and decent people so at least 90% of them are racially motivated. As East asia continues to grow, Chinese and south Korean women are becoming increasingly resilient to the charm of the white man. Just goes to show how the economic standing of each country influences their taste in men.
The truth is, east Asian women are by far more popular for Caucasian men, so caucasian men travel there first and if things don’t work out they head to south asia. I am simply making this remark to show you the Asian fetish. Chinese girls are largely substitutes for Japanese and South korean women because they are easier to get and ultimately the requirement is to be ‘Asian’.
Vietnamese, phillipino, thai, Indonesian women are the ones that need white men the most and these women will make all sort of excuses that white men are more attractive. The AF/WM divorce rate is the highest in the world and doesn’t that say something? The poorer the Asian country the more likely she will make excuses saying that white men are more attractive etc.
Let’s get this straight. From my point of view, a sane ordinary woman should be looking for good traits in men in this order, namely: 1. Personality/Moral attitude/Chemistry 2. Income(debatable- to each their own I guess)/genetic quality(if planning to have kids) 3. Physical features (less priority than income because we all age quick) 4. Sexual attraction(interchangeable with 3.)
But unfortunately in reality women use this checklist instead: 1. Height 2. Race(race matters duh) 3. Income 4. Personality Which leads to TheRedPill/nasty crap.
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[Meta] Subreddit Analysis of /r/badpolitics users

Wanted to collect data on the political leanings of this subreddit's users. Tool used was
Method Issues
As this subreddit is very low activity (~ 1-2 posts a day), I had to use a small sample size of 100 most 'hot' instead of 1,000 because 1,000 would go back far enough to potentially not represent the current status of the subreddit.
All people who posted/commented are counted equally, regardless of whether they commented once or commented 50 times. This is particularly problematic when analysing this subreddit, as members of other subreddits who get criticized for bad politics will often post here to defend themselves.
The Data
I removed anything with <15 overlapping users, which is about half the list that Subreddit Analysis produced, for brevity.
Of 419 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/badhistory 234
/SubredditDrama 208
/AskHistorians 174
/EnoughLibertarianSpam 161
/conspiratard 138
/badphilosophy 136
/iamverysmart 115
/changemyview 110
/socialism 109
/MapPorn 105
/BadSocialScience 102
/forwardsfromgrandma 97
/polandball 96
/badeconomics 95
/TumblrInAction 94
/PanicHistory 91
/Anarchism 90
/badlinguistics 89
/lewronggeneration 85
/europe 83
/ShitRedditSays 83
/TheBluePill 82
/GamerGhazi 82
/circlebroke 82
/Games 82
/TrueReddit 80
/cringepics 80
/badscience 79
/PropagandaPosters 76
/4chan 75
/OutOfTheLoop 72
/circlejerk 71
/HistoryPorn 70
/PoliticalDiscussion 68
/Economics 68
/CrappyDesign 67
/Anarcho_Capitalism 66
/paradoxplaza 66
/BestOfOutrageCulture 64
/bad_religion 62
/AskSocialScience 62
/justneckbeardthings 61
/BadEverything 59
/ShitRConservativeSays 59
/civ 59
/Libertarian 58
/vexillology 57
/thatHappened 56
/againstmensrights 54
/ShitAmericansSay 54
/woahdude 53
/cringe 52
/conspiracy 52
/facepalm 52
/askphilosophy 51
/truegaming 50
/skeptic 50
/nfl 48
/CrusaderKings 46
/gameofthrones 46
/Foodforthought 45
/JusticePorn 45
/pcmasterrace 44
/DebateAnarchism 44
/circlebroke2 44
/AskScienceFiction 44
/DepthHub 43
/worldpolitics 43
/casualiama 43
/hiphopheads 43
/trees 43
/mildlyinfuriating 43
/Christianity 43
/rage 41
/Buttcoin 41
/interestingasfuck 41
/creepyPMs 41
/SRSDiscussion 41
/Unexpected 40
/quityourbullshit 40
/worldbuilding 40
/oddlysatisfying 40
/firstworldanarchists 39
/offbeat 39
/eu4 39
/scifi 39
/asoiaf 39
/CasualConversation 39
/canada 39
/me_irl 38
/badlegaladvice 38
/Bitcoin 38
/KotakuInAction 38
/promos 38
/Negareddit 37
/BlackPeopleTwitter 37
/offmychest 37
/reactiongifs 37
/unitedkingdom 37
/whowouldwin 37
/comics 37
/TrollXChromosomes 36
/StarWars 36
/DebateaCommunist 35
/lostgeneration 35
/thebutton 35
/NoStupidQuestions 35
/im14andthisisdeep 34
/AskMen 34
/ShitLiberalsSay 34
/GunsAreCool 34
/FloridaMan 33
/niceguys 33
/Conservative 33
/skyrim 33
/CitiesSkylines 33
/MilitaryPorn 33
/syriancivilwar 33
/NeutralPolitics 33
/Android 33
/BasicIncome 33
/shittyaskscience 33
/Ask_Politics 33
/TheLastAirbender 32
/TrueAskReddit 32
/malefashionadvice 32
/writing 32
/Fallout 32
/Frugal 32
/anime 31
/DebateReligion 31
/delusionalartists 31
/legaladvice 31
/sex 31
/QuotesPorn 31
/Anarchy101 31
/tf2 31
/totalwar 31
/PoliticalHumor 30
/talesfromtechsupport 30
/progressive 30
/ShittyDebateCommunism 29
/TheoryOfReddit 29
/communism 29
/soccer 29
/Feminism 29
/shittyfoodporn 29
/KerbalSpaceProgram 29
/self 29
/TopMindsOfReddit 28
/UkrainianConflict 28
/Metal 28
/wheredidthesodago 28
/openbroke 28
/Liberal 28
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 28
/theydidthemath 28
/beer 28
/MorbidReality 27
/ukpolitics 27
/Cyberpunk 27
/DnD 27
/geopolitics 27
/Cooking 27
/youtubehaiku 27
/tipofmytongue 27
/ainbow 27
/ifyoulikeblank 26
/relationships 26
/linguistics 26
/CFB 26
/Steam 26
/whatisthisthing 26
/baseball 25
/communism101 25
/rpg 25
/lgbt 25
/TalesFromRetail 25
/FanTheories 25
/Minecraft 25
/boardgames 25
/Whatcouldgowrong 25
/SubredditDramaDrama 25
/GameDeals 25
/Badhistory2 24
/YouShouldKnow 24
/MHOC 24
/betterCallSaul 24
/AskWomen 24
/SRSGaming 24
/DebateCommunism 24
/dwarffortress 24
/apple 24
/startrek 24
/TrueAtheism 24
/magicskyfairy 23
/Fantasy 23
/TrollYChromosome 23
/pokemon 23
/AgainstGamerGate 23
/AskAnthropology 23
/buildapc 23
/FellowKids 23
/environment 23
/explainlikeIAmA 23
/comicbooks 23
/nocontext 22
/libertyworldproblems 22
/fatlogic 22
/killthosewhodisagree 22
/oldpeoplefacebook 22
/terriblefacebookmemes 22
/circlejerkcopypasta 22
/trashy 22
/math 22
/hearthstone 22
/nyc 22
/pcgaming 22
/MensRights 22
/OkCupid 22
/Drugs 22
/DeepIntoYouTube 22
/bicycling 22
/UnexpectedThugLife 22
/metanarchism 22
/ImGoingToHellForThis 21
/montageparodies 21
/islam 21
/linux 21
/TiADiscussion 21
/Israel 21
/nba 21
/PublicFreakout 21
/techsupport 21
/badatheism 21
/CanadaPolitics 21
/agitation 21
/CrazyIdeas 20
/depression 20
/ANormalDayInRussia 20
/literature 20
/TrueFilm 20
/leagueoflegends 20
/GamePhysics 20
/racism 20
/wow 20
/britishproblems 20
/community 20
/lifehacks 20
/worstof 20
/xkcd 20
/punchablefaces 20
/HouseOfCards 20
/nononono 20
/actualconspiracies 19
/smashbros 19
/punk 19
/printSF 19
/tech 19
/shitpost 19
/HumanPorn 19
/Frisson 19
/business 19
/FoodPorn 19
/forwardsfromhitler 19
/shittykickstarters 19
/softwaregore 18
/religion 18
/DotA2 18
/GirlGamers 18
/badmathematics 18
/vegan 18
/notinteresting 18
/Drama 18
/australia 18
/NetflixBestOf 18
/guns 18
/minimalism 18
/OneY 18
/masseffect 18
/holdmybeer 18
/IdiotsFightingThings 18
/PS4 18
/hockey 18
/RedditDayOf 18
/thewalkingdead 18
/HistoryofIdeas 17
/SubredditAnalysis 17
/DebateFascism 17
/DoesAnybodyElse 17
/ShitPoliticsSays 17
/Shitstatistssay 17
/youdontsurf 17
/vegetarian 17
/doctorwho 17
/ArcherFX 17
/NotTimAndEric 17
/GlobalOffensive 17
/wikipedia 17
/NaziHunting 17
/everymanshouldknow 17
/CombatFootage 17
/redditrequest 16
/shittyaskhistory 16
/ProgrammerHumor 16
/Catholicism 16
/SRSsucks 16
/law 16
/halo 16
/travel 16
/3DS 16
/subredditoftheday 16
/magicTCG 16
/inthenews 16
/EnoughPaulSpam 16
/techsupportgore 16
/confession 16
/cats 16
/economy 16
/electronic_cigarette 16
/ModelUSGov 15
/godwinslaw 15
/harrypotter 15
/CringeAnarchy 15
/outside 15
/BritishPolitics 15
/HailCorporate 15
/india 15
/standupshots 15
/Tinder 15
/imaginarymaps 15
/projecteternity 15
/CollegeBasketball 15
/Justrolledintotheshop 15
/TumblrAtRest 15
/DebateAnAtheist 15
/CredibleDefense 15
/WarshipPorn 15
/spaceporn 15
/CityPorn 15
/nonononoyes 15
/AskFeminists 15
For all these analysis sections, I give both user number and the ratio of overlapping users and the subscriber count of the subreddit (to more easily highlight overrepresented subreddits). Again, there are flaws with this. Subreddits can have users that don't subscribe, and some subreddits are disproportionately active/inactive for their subscriber count.
I might have missed some subreddits that should fit into these categories during my initial look through the data. If you spot any of these, comment and I shall add it.
Subreddit Overlapping users Ratio
/socialism 109 0.0023
/anarchism 90 0.0016
/Anarcho_Capitalism 66 0.0030
/Conservative 33 0.0008
/Communism 29 0.0023
/Liberal 28 0.0013
Most Frequent: /socialism
Most over-represented: /Anarcho_Capitalism
Now in pie chart form:
Pro or Anti Gamergate?
Subreddit Overlapping users Ratio
/GamerGhazi 82 0.0123
/KotakuInAction 38 0.0011
/AgainstGamerGate 23 0.0169
Anti-GG users are massively over-represented and outnumber Pro-GG users.
Pro or Anti /conspiracy?
Subreddit Overlapping users Ratio
/Conspiratard 138 0.0029
/Conspiracy 52 0.0002
/TopMindsOfReddit 28 0.0111
/actualconspiracies (Note, this is actually anti-/conspiracy) 19 0.0022
Anti-/conspiracy users are massively over-represented and outnumber pro-/conspiracy users.
Some Over-represented subreddits
Going through every subreddit for this would be exhausting, so I have only listed the ones near the top in overlapping users. If you want me to add more with a ratio >0.01 to this list just ask.
Subreddit Overlapping users Ratio
/shitliberalssay 34 0.0371
/badsocialscience 102 0.0318
/badeconomics 95 0.0267
/bad_religion 62 0.0231
/EnoughLibertarianSpam 161 0.0202
/BestOfOutrageCulture 64 0.0176
/AgainstGamerGate 23 0.0169
/bad_religion 59 0.0164
/badphilosophy 136 0.0140
/BadScience 79 0.0126
/GamerGhazi 82 0.0123
/TopMindsOfReddit 28 0.0111
/badlinguistics 89 0.0100
Unsuprisingly, /shitliberalssay tops the list, followed by a mix of badacademics subs and anti-right meta subs.
submitted by Tophattingson to badpolitics [link] [comments]

US-Israeli teen convicted in Israel for bomb threats during Trump's rise - Targeted Jewish Organizations Posing as an Anti-Semite - Made $240k Selling Threat Service Online (Reuters) 28 June 2018

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli-American teenager was found guilty in Israel on Thursday of making about 2,000 hoax bomb threats against Jewish and other institutions in the United States and elsewhere during Donald Trump’s rise to the U.S. presidency in 2016 and 2017.
The incidents stoked allegations by some American critics at the time that the Republican contender was encouraging anti-Semitism and other forms of racism. Trump has denied any such wrongdoing.
The defendant has been separately indicted for hate crimes in several U.S. states, where he was named as Michael Kadar, 19.
Israeli authorities have not published his name as he was a minor when some of the offences were committed.
Partly on the basis of a confession, Tel Aviv District Court convicted him of offences between his 18th birthday in August 2016 and his arrest in March 2017. It held off on formally convicting him of earlier charges pending a youth parole review.
Kadar was found guilty of counts including extortion, disseminating hoaxes in order to spread panic, money laundering and computer hacking over bomb and shooting threats against community centres, schools, shopping malls, police stations, airlines and airports in North America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Denmark. He was also convicted of assault for trying to grab a gun from a policewoman who searched his home.
The counts each carry potential jail terms of several years. The court did not immediately set a date for Kadar’s sentencing.
Kadar’s parents have said he has a brain tumour that causes autism and other mental problems, making him unable to understand the nature of his actions.
Psychiatrists found that Kadar was on the autism spectrum and suffered from paranoid delusions, but determined that he was fit to stand trial, according to the verdict released to media.
“I did it out of boredom. It was like a game. I understand that it is wrong, and I am sorry and will not do it again,” it quoted Kadar as telling the psychiatrists.
It said Kadar earned about $240,000 worth of the digital currency Bitcoin by selling his threat services online.
The U.S. Justice Department has said that, in early 2017, Kadar phoned the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish campaign group based in New York, with a bomb threat; made a bomb threat in an email to the Israeli embassy in Washington; and made threatening calls about bomb and gun attacks against Jewish community centres in Florida.
Tel Aviv District Court referred generally to “Jewish institutions” having been among the sites that Kadar, who is himself Jewish, targeted.
If he were to be convicted in the United States, Kadar could be given up to 20 years in prison for each hate crime and a maximum of 10 years for each bomb threat.
Asked whether the United States had requested Kadar’s extradition, neither Israel’s Justice Ministry nor the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem immediately responded.
Writing by Dan Williams; Editing by Kevin Liffey
submitted by FinnagainsAwake to CapitalistParadise [link] [comments]

Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Unstable Geopolitics, Pakistan’s Alliance with China: Trump’s Backlash against Pakistan Reveals the Dawn of a Disputed 2018 Year
  2. American Girl, 16, charged with killing 74-year-old Chinese grandpa as he took out trash
  3. President Macron calls for French-China cooperation on Silk Road, climate
  4. Macron vows active participation in Belt and Road initiative
  5. A dominant Nathan Chen cruised to a repeat U.S. Figure Skating Championship title in San Jose. Vincent Zhou grabbed the bronze medal with 273.83 points
  6. S. Korea seeks deeper cooperation with China, Japan in regulating cryptocurrencies
  7. Xi calls for deeper cooperation with Britain under Belt & Road Initiative
  8. China donates prefabricated houses for displaced people in #Myanmar's Rakhine state
  9. China: U.S. should curb demand for opioids, not blame us
  10. China key partner for #Cambodia in infrastructure development: Cambodian officials. "More than 2,000 km of roads, seven large bridges, and a new container terminal of the Phnom Penh Autonomous Port have been constructed under China's aid," Chanthol said
  11. Tariffs to be slashed in 2018 as China-Chile free trade agreement kicks in: Nearly 98 percent of products traded between China and #Chile will have zero tariffs attached when the new China-Chile free trade agreement is implemented in 2018
  12. UN chief lauds G77 and China's role in multilateralism, climate action
  13. Canada takes U.S. to WTO, U.S. says case helps China: Canada has launched a wide-ranging trade complaint against the United States, in a dispute that Washington said would damage Canada’s own interests and play into China’s hands
In Domestic news
  1. China keeps its promises, the country's anti-poverty drive is transforming the lives of rural communities by leaps
  2. High-speed rail network to cover 80% of major cities in China by 2020: total length of track capable of supporting high-speed trains will reach 38,000 kilometres by 2025 and 45,000 kilometres by 2030
  3. China's future cities will focus on sustainability, connectivity, and mobility.
  4. Second China-made C919 jet completes first trial flight
  5. 26 pct Chinese university students eager to start businesses: survey
  6. Chinese internet regulators scold Alibaba's Ant Financial for violating customer privacy through Sesame Credit
  7. Chinese Kids Who Eat Fish Every Week Have Higher IQs and Better Sleep, Study Says
  8. Chinese City Opens Up Spectacular 'Ice City' for International Snow Festival
  9. China is seeing signs of success in its fight against smog as pollution levels slump dramatically in the capital region Beijing.
  10. Marriott: China blocks website and app over description of Tibet and Taiwan
  11. Chinese Police Dynamite Christian Megachurch
  12. China to Plant New Forests the Size of Ireland This Year
  13. China cracks down on foreign companies calling Taiwan, other regions countries: The involvment of more than one Chinese authority in rebuking businesses across different industries suggested possible coordination at a high level of government
In SciTech news
  1. Asian-Chinese Engineering at work | How high speed railway tunnels are built
  2. GoPro quits the drone business (Got Nuked by China's DJI)
  3. China emerges as a hotbed for artificial intelligence: “We saw lots of interest in #AI in China, and the sector is moving so fast in the country” said Nicholson, CEO of Skymind. “China is home to many of the world’s top experts in AI and machine learning” wrote Fei-Fei Li, chief scientist for Google
  4. Beijing to break ground on new #AI science park this year: It will house about 400 enterprises after completion with an estimated annual output value of 50 billion yuan. Industries there will include ultra-high-speed big data, cloud computing, bio-metric identification and deep learning
  5. [Huawei’s CEO going off-script to rage at US carriers was the best speech of CES x-post
  6. How Huawei Can Break Apple and Samsung's Smartphone Grip
  7. Beijing to Pave Way for Autonomous Driving With New Test Road: The new testing road will pilot changes designed to make roads more easily recognizable to artificial intelligence
  8. DJI announced new $99 drone Tello. Why? Tello is only 80 grams, which means owners don't have to register their Tello (FAA require registration of all drones over 250 grams)
  9. A team of researchers with Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing Tech University and Northwestern Polytechnical University, all in China, has developed a new type of paper that can be erased and printed on multiple times.
  10. Ford CEO: China Will Take the Lead in Electric Vehicle Area
  11. Central China city to build 80,000 charging piles for electric cars
  12. China budgets over 13 bln yuan for major research programs in 2018: The programs consist of 40 special projects and more than 600 minor projects, covering four major fields including social development, high-tech research, agricultural science and technology, and fundamental research
  13. Google and Intel Beware: China Is Gunning for Dominance in #AI Chips. Buckets of money are available for the industry. With more than 750 million people online, China provides plenty of consumers and data for companies to use. AI chip competitors enjoy state support
  14. How This China Tech Company Is About To Change Everything You Know About VR
  15. #CES becomes the Chinese electronics show as Shenzhen, Dongguan exhibitors throng fair: As many as 1,551 Chinese companies registered to display their products and software applications in Las Vegas this week, out of a record turnout of 4,500 exhibitors
In Economic news
  1. Foreign Brands Have ‘Princess Syndrome,’ Says People’s Daily
  2. Iran Sanctions Will Help China's Petro-Yuan
  3. China on the verge of bursting bitcoin bubble
  4. China, the Innovation Dragon. Given its own policies, and those of the US, China is on track to become the world’s innovation leader. By the end of 2018, it will likely be apparent to all just how quickly and easily this latest chapter in the Chinese success story will be written.
  5. "Political pressure" reportedly kills Huawei/AT&T smartphone deal
  6. China Weighs Slowing or Halting Purchases of U.S. Treasuries
  7. China is reportedly thinking of halting US Treasury purchases and that's worrying markets
  8. China FX regulator: report on slowing US bond buying based on fake news
  9. Chinese Workers Abandon Silicon Valley for Riches Back Home
  10. The Cashless Society Has Arrived— Only It’s in China: Though the U.S. saw $112 billion of mobile payments in 2016, by a Forrester Research estimate, such payments in China totaled $9 trillion
  11. China just reminded the United States that Beijing is its banker
  12. Russian-Chinese trade up 20.8% in 2017, to $84.07 bln
  13. China would win in a trade war with U.S., analyst says
  14. The rise of the petro-yuan
  15. #Marriott apologizes for labeling China's territories as independent: CEO apologized for listing Tibet, among other parts of China, as a country and promised to take measures to prevent such incidents. "Marriott International respects and supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China"
  16. Uncle Sam's treatment of Huawei is world-class hypocrisy – consumers will pay the price
  17. The Chinese are now buying as much stuff as Americans, a game-changer for the world economy
  18. China has become the world's 5th largest US #patent recipient, having increased the number of patents it received tenfold in less than 10 years
In Military news
  1. Retired Colonel: China Looks to Bolster Military Presence in #Pakistan. A Chinese military base in Jiwani would control the vital sea lanes in the Arabian Sea at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and provide another link in a string of potential military facilities from the South China Sea to Africa
  2. China’s Wing Loong II Killer #Drone Fires 5 Missiles in Single Sortie: After multiple rounds of flight and firing tests, the Wing Loong II UAS has conducted firing tests with eight types of missiles and dozens of bombs, with a hit rate of 100 percent
  3. PLA Navy to streamline pilot training as more aircraft carriers expected
  4. Chinese armies are now able to use #robots to fire ballistic missiles after successfully developing an automated launching system. The advanced system would help China fire warheads three times faster and halve the number of soldiers involved
  5. Jan 3rd 2018 Military Report Video
  6. Work on main battleship for China’s new-generation aircraft carrier enters home stretch: China now is building four Type 055 destroyers, with two designed to be ‘imperial bodyguards’ to the first home-grown carrier in high seas
  7. China’s hi-tech missile ambitions are marching ahead at warp speed: The DF-17 is the first missile system anywhere that uses a #hypersonic glide vehicle as its payload and is intended for operational deployment. US intelligence expecting the DF-17 to enter service around 2020
  8. Chinese armed forces start new round of training in 2018
  9. New batch of Y-20 planes to boost military transport capability: At least five Y-20 transporters went into service in the country's Western Theater Command. The Y-20 has a maximum takeoff weight of 200 tons and is ideal for transporting cargo and personnel over long distances
Other Notables
  1. China’s top 10 box office hits of all time include four domestic films released in 2017
  2. Exiled Billionaire Guo Wengui funding Steve Bannon, American Far Right
  3. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has stumbled in China with a mediocre $28.7 million opening weekend, marking the first real disappointment for the Disney-Lucasfilm tentpole.
  4. The Temple of Heaven - Built between 1406 – 1420, Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasty came here for annual prayer ceremonies for a good harvest
  5. A Chinese soldier was challenged with drifting in a tank. He needed to drive three tanks and park them in the right location. Could he complete the "impossible challenge"
  6. Guangzhou - [2048x789]
  7. A combination of heavy blows gave the Chinese fighter called “Black Leopard” a TKO win over Francisco of Spain at Kunlun fight
  8. Ancestor Worship Ceremony Held in China's New Year Celebration: #Chinese people, including overseas Chinese, attended an ancestor-worshiping ceremony to celebrate the New Year at the Mausoleum of Huangdi, or the Yellow Emperor
  9. A Good Music Video Recommended for All Fathers and Daughters 王力宏 親愛的
  10. Catchy song from Brother Hao
  11. Chinese characters from ancient times to present day
  12. Demonizing China will not deter its rise – or improve America’s. America’s apparent policy failures and declining global influence could trigger more intense criticism against China, blaming it for everything under he sun.
  13. Can Germany overcome bias against China?
  14. Godfrey Gao Says He Experienced Racism While Growing Up In Vancouver
  15. GAI - 天乾物燥 (Chinese Hip-hop blended with traditional instruments)
  17. When America was a Developing Country, How China's current situation and mentality was like US back in the late 1800s, interesting read
  18. The Monkey King 3 film title song 西游记之女儿国 主题曲《女儿国 》 MV
  19. Post rock - 惘聞 - Lonely God
  20. Congrats!!! Newly-weds attend a group wedding ceremony at a subway station in central China's Wuhan on Wednesday. The 21 couples were involved in the construction of the subway
  21. World's largest ice festival wows tourists as illuminations light up Harbin sky
  22. Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Announcement Cinematic
  23. Asian American writes emotional essay to Chinese parents - Do not immigrate to America, your kids will suffer.
  24. Why suburbia sucks (Why China must stop urban sprawl and stop following North American thinking about urban planning)
  25. What The Chinese Think Of Chinese Tourist Stereotypes
  26. That was fast.
  28. The Greatest Human Migration in the Recorded History of Mankind (Wealth of Nations Podcast, Ep. 13)
  29. [Traditional Instrument Music] 情蠱 The Love Spell
  30. Who was Zhou Youguang? Google celebrates linguist who developed Chinese phonetic translation
  31. 金发碧眼小洋妞的“中文十级”节日祝福
  32. Founder of pinyin featured on google's main page
  33. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on Chinese variety show Kuai Le Da Ben Ying
  34. Looking for some counterweight for Chinese sci-fi, specifically those with Confucian undertones
  35. Ji Cheng: The designer who wins Chinese millennial over
  36. How the word for ‘Tea' spread around the world
  37. Globaltimes: US divisions threaten leadership role
  38. 心動 - JerryC ft. Julia Wu吳卓源
  39. Commentary: Australia needs self-reflection as South Pacific Islands stand up
  40. China’s Strategy to Psych Out the West Is Paying Off
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Racism in Boxing, fans having a Guilty conscience The Most Racist Vacation Ever MAX KEISER: $28,000 Bitcoin Price in Play Before a Pullback - Then BTC is Heading to 6-Figures!! The famous bitcoin ben closet racist Bitcoin price surge mentioned on Australian TV

Isaiah Jackson is the author of the book 'Bitcoin and Black America'. Aleks Svetski is the founder of The Amber App, an app that allows users to make regular purchases of bitcoin (Dollar Cost Average), as well as an outspoken critic of the 'Black Lives Matter' movement and other collectivist ideologies. As with so many social issues these days, it seems as though conversations which discuss ... Bitcoin had an incredible 2017 after increasing in value more 20 times from below $1,000 dollars to a peak of just under $20,000. Top 10 Best Trusted and Safe Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites of 2020 Bitcoin Pool. Bitcoin Pool ( is provided directly by and aims to provide the most competitive clouding mining service. Bitcoin advertise that they deliver the highest Pay Per Share (PPS) pool globally with a 98% block reward. Bitcoin Cash main man Roger Ver has zero time for Bitcoin Maximalists. Maximalists are, of course, the hardcore fundamentalists of crypto – true believers that the one and only true coin is Bitcoin and that all other projects are by definition ‘shitcoins’. “I think it’s kind of like a form of racism and tribalism. A ustralian police raided the home and office of the Australian tech entrepreneur identified by two U.S. publications as the alleged creator of the digital currency bitcoin.. Craig Wright’s ...

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Racism in Boxing, fans having a Guilty conscience

BIG NEWS! in this video we cover the biggest news in crypto this week! with post offices in Australia now accepting crypto as a form of payment! PAYPAL also introducing crypto to over 350 million ... The Australian Border Force deals with a particularly unique problem in contrast to the rest of the world; attempting to intercept drugs that arrive into Aus... Bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser says, “BTC will reach $100,000 and destroy anyone who gets in its way. In a recent tweet who told his 230,000 followers: “$28,000 is in play before we see a pullback ... Funniest joke you’ve ever heard about being late. Andy Woodhull - Full Special - Duration: 37:40. Dry Bar Comedy Recommended for you Racist truck drive bitcoin ben. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue